JavaScript & the Internet of Things


thingsSDK's mission is to create a set of common APIs for Internet of Things devices in JavaScript. The APIs could be reimplemented on any embedded JavaScript runtime or even in Node.js.

The first step is making it easy getting JavaScript on to cheap, affordable microcontrollers. Then, provide the APIs and a modern workflow.



A simple cross-platform app that allows you to install JavaScript runtimes (and others) to ESP8266 WiFi enabled microcontrollers.

thingsSDK CLI

thingsSDK CLI is a command line utility for generating and managing modern projects for JavaScript microcontroller runtimes.

Single Board Computers


wifiscanner is used to search for nearby WiFi networks on single board computers.

thingsSDK Modules


Display driver for Adafruit HT16K33 matrices, 7 segment and 14 segment displays.

Planned Tools

  • A WiFi manager for creating adhoc networks and connecting to other networks
  • Creating a captive portal